Video Construction Updates

Watch the progress of the new construction at MJ1.
The construction project consists of two phases. The first phase is to add 5 classrooms ,a meeting room, storage room, and utility room to the north end of the Primary Hall. The second phase will add a 3200 sq ft multipurpose room and a large storage room to the East side of the gym.
5 Classroom Primary addition - due to be available September 1, 2017.
Plans: Addition Plans
Funding for this project will come from a combination of existing fund balance, borrowed funds, and money set aside for construction. There will be no additional taxes required.

Drone video of construction:
June 14th
June 19th
June 21st
June 26th
August 6th
Blacktopping August 9th
Multipurpose Addition Aug 9th
Update 8/24/17
Update 9/21/17 Multipurpose Room

Time Lapse:
Garden Time Lapse Spring 2017
Classrooms from the West
Classrooms from the East
Classrooms from the South
Multi-purpose Room

Still Pictures:
September 21, 2017
Multipurpose room addition 9/21/17
Classroom addition 8/24
Classroom addition 8/24/17
Multipurpose Room and storage 8/6/17
MP Room August 6th
Classroom Addition - August 3rd
New classrooms August 3rd
Classrooms 8 17

Multipurpose room Aug 3rd
Multipurpose Room August 17
Start of construction - 5 classrooms - May 2017
Class room Construction 2017
May 23
June 1st
Flight - Classrooms
June 14
Classrooms June 14th
West construct
New roof
Construction June 21
June 26 South Addition
June 26th North Addition